Give and Gobble 2011…


Thank you to everyone who suggested the compression socks for my calf… OMG that made a huge difference!!

This by far is my favorite run that I do every year!  It is the anniversary run from where this journey started…you can read about it here!!

Today the skys were favorable and there was NO rain for this race!! My daughter and I headed out to the High School in time to donate our canned goods for the Oregon Food Bank and get our shirts!!

TOTAL NSV———??!?!?!!?    They only had a YOUTH XL left when we got there and IT FITS!!!!   BOOYAH!!!

We layered up and headed to the race start.  This is a pretty small community and I think there was somewhere in the ball park of 1300 participants.  We took a spot ahead of all of the families and strollers and took off at the sound of the horn.

My daughter and I agreed that we would each run our own race and would catch up at the end.  I didn’t want to hold her back with my leg pain so told her to PR and that I would see her soon.  We both took off and she was gone in a flash. 

I settled in quite nicely for me right at around .5 miles in.  This NEVER happens for me but maybe because of my leg and my idea just to focus on slow and steady I was feeling really good.  At about .75 I look around and the next thing I know my kiddo is running at my side.  She told me that she stared to run hard and go out for her PR but then she knew that I might be having a hard time and didn’t want me to do it alone so she decided to drop back and wait for me to run the race WITH me!! {tears in my eyes — she is such a DAMN GOOD KID!!}

As we came up to MP 1 we saw my mom out waving!  We pulled off the course long enough to give her some hugs and kisses, take the gratuitous picture of the three of us and then kept going!!

The rest of the race was fun, easy and PAIN FREE!!  I cannot tell you what a relief this is to me!! We passed people, we laughed, we talked, we joked!  MANY MANY times during the race my daughter would ask if my leg was okay and would tell me that I was doing a great job and that she was proud of me!!

We talked and discussed how I could barely run .5 miles the first time I did this race & now, minus the stop to hug my mom and knowing I was running injured that there was no stopping, no slowing, no whining, no complaining!!  My mental and physical growth was shining today as I ran this race…

As we rounded the last corner my daughter looked at me and said “Come on momma, you can do this, finish it strong”….and that we did…

As we ran under the arch of the finish balloons and I looked at my unofficial time on the race clock it read:


THAT ….my friends….that right there is a PR for me!!!

Injured…cautious and unsure…and I still managed to PR!!

So today — amongst all of my blessings (and there are many) —

…..Today, I am thankful for my daughter…my not-so-little-girl…my inspiration and motivation to always try to do better, push harder and be stronger…

Because today, because of her…


  1. momrunnerwife said: So glad you had a good race! Enjoy the rest of your day!
  2. ariavie said: Congrats on an awesome race! :) The PR, the daughter, and the pain free parts. All of it.
  3. i-used-to-be-me said: This is awesome!!! : )
  4. runningshew said: Wow! Great job, you did awesome!!
  5. runningbysheds said: You rock!! Now rest that calf. :-)
  6. tallmormon said: Such a heart warming story
  7. melanietris said: You certainly did! Congratulations! I may have to try some of those socks!
  8. pickyourhard said: This put a HUGE smile on my face! What a wonderful daughter you have! Happy Thanksgiving! :)
  9. chrisbiketri said: Great report!!! =)
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