I did it again — another LONG ASS run on the treadmill!  16 miles to be exact!!

And yes, I did wear my “Made of Guts” shirt today to remind me that:

1) I am running for those who are fighting cancer and they are made of guts

2) That I am stronger than I think I am and that I too, am made of guts


Originally I thought that I would do 5.5 miles, 5.5 miles and then 5 miles…but I even surprised myself…

First set was 6 miles in 59:26


Then I hammered out another 6 in 59:16 —- YES, I was FASTER for the 2nd six…


Finally - I slowed it down a little and did 4 miles in 42:37image

Its funny but I am actually finding the mental part of the treadmill a welcome challenge…I am pushing HARD and getting faster and getting results!!!

My average pace was 10:04!!   HELL YA!!!

Post run refueling included a FABULOUS dinner out with kiddo at Pastini where I indulged in a nice Sangiovese & cheese tortellini in a vodka cheese sauce with shrimp!  And of course, we split a gelato sundae!! image



So this is how to have a SWEET SIXTEEN kind of day!!

  1. rookcanrun said: People thing we’re cray cray?
  2. activeinpink said: you’re AMAZING!
  3. shortmom said: You are incredible. I could never!
  4. melanietris said: 16 miles on the dreadmill?! You’re a rockstar!
  5. runningfortheriesling said: You rock my socks off!
  6. 6n6challenge said: yay!
  7. runslikeapenguin said: NICE!!
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