Many folks, including myself & @rookcanrun, did not get to finish what we started on marathon Monday!  Rook (Bob) was much closer to finishing (.80) from the finish line than I was (6.1 miles).

With that said, Bob and I have decided to finish what we started that day.  Bob is willing to come back to where I was pulled off of the course and run those miles with me so we can cross the finish line at Copley and finish our marathon!

We would like to offer and put it out there to any and all of our fellow Tumblrs to come and join us for this run and to be part of this experiece with us…. SOOOO many of you shared in this event with us, worried about us and supported us and we want to share our ‘finish’ with as many of you who can make it!

So here are the details:

  • WHAT: Unfinished Business 10k
  • WHEN: Saturday, June 1, 2013
  • TIME: 9:00am
  • WHERE:  Meet at the corner of Commonwealth Ave/Grant Ave, Newton MA (base of Heartbreak Hill) *Try to get dropped off so that you don’t have to walk back or bus it after our run

Afterwards we can grab coffee, breakfast or what-have-you and enjoy each others company! 

If you can’t make it for the run or can’t run due to injury but want to join us for lunch just be down at the finish line around 11:30… You could even be our ‘cheerleaders’ as we cross the finish!   Friends and family are welcome — the MORE the MERRIER!!! 

So mark your calendar’s NOW and come help us finish what we started!!!!

{edit:  If you are not from the Boston are but want to join us make a weekend out of it!  I am running the Corrib 5k on Sunday at Noon — Tumblr’s coud Take over Boston!!!}

  1. tallmormon said: I wish I could join you so bad!
  2. jordan-gets-fast said: … I just might be there.
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  4. chrisrunsoldschool said: im in. can i get a ride ??? :)
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    Do it! I hope to be there, too.
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    This is far enough out…I almost want to make the trip.
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    Virtual participants most certainly welcome!
  9. chrystimoreorless said: Wish I could be there for this! I’ll run it here “alongside” you, though :-)
  10. milemarkersoflife said: Sounds soooo fun I want to come! Ugh
  11. ashamedtosay said: I will be Race Directing that day, but know my 13,000 runners will go 3.1 miles each so that means 6500 10Ks worth run for you. :)