I just uploaded my Garmin…

…from Marathon Monday




Let me say that Mile 21 does not count — that was the hour that I was pulled off the course, escorted into the medical tent & also walked out to get my ride home from the chaos…

But as I look at this I am actually surprised — pleasantly surprised….

I really slowed down at Mile 15 on…and I was hurting…looking at the elevation profile I should have done better — but quads don’t like downhills…

At mile 20 I was at 4:31:20.6

But seriously — considering my injury — considering I could barely walk the week before I am actually okay with this!

  1. yogawarriornyc said: It was fun tracking you!
  2. activeinpink said: you’re always inspiringme :)
  3. tallmormon said: I’d be ok with this
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