but….I DID IT!!! 

You guize —— I RAN TODAY!!! 

My first OneBoston/Boston Strong Run!!!  It has been really difficult, challenging and emotional for me to watch all of you going out to run miles for Boston when I have been injured!! Today, I finally got to jump on the wagon!!

I was all ready to head out for a quick lunchtime run and to test my leg when kiddo (who is out of school today) offered to go with me!!

{for the record — I have the BEST kiddo EVAH!!!}


Honestly, if it weren’t for her I would probably have stopped at .25 miles and came home…my left quad/leg is still not 100% and it feels ‘funky’ when I run…my gait and stride are all off…

Oh, and my conditioning?!?!?  My conditioning SUCKS right now!! 

But kiddo just said we go to the ‘round-about’ and back and just do it at any pace that I could do…

I wore my Garmin and I ran my Nike App just to see how the two compared…here are the results:




The one thing that I don’t like about the Nike app is that it doesn’t show the .25 mile pace and the Garmin does.  But the Nike app says I was faster and burned more calories!!  (LOL — the important things right?!?!)

So I obviously have some improvement to do, conditioning to re-build and speed to regain. 

But all in all I am PROUD of myself for this run — I walked, I ran, I caught my breath, I enjoyed the sun, I wished there was a breeze but mostly — I didn’t give up!!  image

  1. tallmormon said: cute! Glad to see u running again
  2. keepgoinggreen said: Hooray!
  3. davidsgoals said: Great job Michelle!!!
  4. yogawarriornyc said: WOO HOO YAY HAY! Yeah I really love the nike+ app EXCEPT for that fact that it doesn’t record your last mile split even if it’s .99. It has to be a full mile. RUDE! Glad you got out there!!!
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