Last night was our local Run for Boston put on by Uberthons.  This organization did a great job of pulling a race together in less than a month…with 100% of the proceeds going to the OneBoston fund to help the victims of the marathon bombings.

First off I want to thank my sorority sisters of Tumblr ( themotherrunner, runswithpoodles & melanieisdoinglife) for coming out and supporting the race and my efforts at public speaking!! You girls are Da Bomb!!

And also a big thank you to my kiddo for hitching a ride out with these crazy kids to come & support my speaking and run with me!

Anyway, last night I was asked to speak at the race start…

I really had no pre-planned speech so I just winged it and from what everyone told me I did pretty good!

This guy however, wrote a speech!!  He also was the FIRST person to finish the 5k last night, blasting past us (kiddo and I) just as we were approaching mile 1 — I am pretty sure he finished around 15 - 17 mins…

It was hot, muggy and sunny but the turnout at the race was great!!

There were all levels of runners from serious & competitive to families with strollers and dads running with kids on their shoulders!!  

They had very cool race medals that were done similar to the Boston Marathon medal — the were $5 extra but the proceeds went to the OneBoston fund!

There were no PR’s for me…not even close…probably one of my slower runs ever (40:22) but it was fun to get out there and be with my friends, daughter and local running community to give back and pay it forward!

  1. melanietris said: That guy is Joe Dudeman and he is fast!
  2. shrinkingmomma said: That is so great.
  3. footy-chic said: Ah, looks like it was a good event. Sorry we were unable to go.
  4. rookcanrun said: That really is a cool medal. Great job on the run. Did nobody record your speech? PDX tumblr, you let us down! :)
  6. themotherrunner said: It was awesome!!!
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